SAD NEWS – Adrian Campbell

Adrian Campbell, poet, artist and one time member of Fire River Poets, died on the 11th March 2019, just a few days before his 96th birthday.  Our thoughts go out to his wife Irene and their family.  

Adrian was a well-liked and respected member of the group, which he attended regularly until night-driving became too much of a problem for him.  At their best, his poems had a musicality and lyricism that touched the heart.  I can do no better than to quote from those who knew him: “Such a lovely, interesting and charming character. His poetry was full of human kindness and distress at unfairness and the plight of so many disadvantaged people.”  “He was multi-talented. I loved his paintings, which were full of colour and had a freedom of style that reflected him as a thinker and a person.”  He will not be forgotten.

“Near the long mountains or the restless sea,
remember all of us, remember me.”  
© Adrian Campbell