‘Hybrid’ Event -Thursday 2 September 2021

Our next event which will be held on Thursday 2 September 2021 will offer two options to all who would like to join us to hear our two guest poets, Gabrial Akamo and Luke Palmer read for us (see our information below about these two exciting young poets).

First option is to use Zoom in the way we have been doing since September 2020. Simply register to receive the Zoom access code on the website – and if you wish to book an open mic, tick the box in the usual way.

The second option is to attend the Creative Innovation Centre (www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk) in the way we were all used to before March 2020. If you wish to take advantage of this option, and want an open mic slot, go to the General Enquiry page and request a slot, much as before.

All applications for access code and for open mic slots will be acknowledged. The access code will be sent out a day or so in advance in the usual way. Applicants for open mic slots will be informed of the running order once the slots are fully booked.

We are excited to be able to present this event, our first attempt to collaborate with CICCIC in this way and we are grateful to them for their technical support in setting things up. Our aim is to enable our local friends to get back to the enjoyable experience of meeting and talking again face-to-face. While at the same time, to continue to enable more distant friends to join us – friends who have ‘tuned in’ from USA, Australia, Austria as well as many other parts of the UK.

We have not been charging for events but simply asked for donations during the pandemic. However, as you can imagine, this will be a technically sophisticated event – and that costs money. We are still willing to offer this experimental event without a specific charge per person but we do suggest that it will help Fire River Poets to sustain these monthly events if everyone gives what they can.

There are still open mic slots available so please send your booking requests in via the website