Journey of an Aluminium Can

I’m empty now.
I’ve been drunk.
Whoa! Where am I going?
I’m somewhere dark and gloomy.
Wait a second, I’m wiggling and seeing more friends.
I’m being lifted – where am I being lifted?
Wait a second, I see some friends I’ve never seen before.
Ahhh! I’m going to be melted!
I can feel the burning, fierce, fiery flames crushing me!
Wait, I’ve been taken to a comfy bed –
I wonder what a can’s bed is called?
Ahhh! I can rest. Lovely!
We’ve all been turned into new cans.
Wait a second, I’m off somewhere again.
I’m at the shops now –
Someone now can buy me…
And I will be back again!


Bethany Moss (aged nearly 7)
St George’s Primary School, Wembdon
3rd Prize 7-9 category