The World Without Recycling

Bins overflowing, piling in the streets.
Rats scurrying around; scavenging for food.
Landfill sites loaded with toxic garbage,
trees rapidly hacked down; not many left.
Fragile habitats recklessly destroyed.
Animals with nowhere to go are killed.
Pollution is leaving wounds on our planet.
Earth is slowly dying; giving up the fight.

Clean, tidy streets – cheerful children playing,
healthy forests full of trees and wildlife.
Animals skipping freely between the grass;
clear, shining sea – filled with marine creatures.
Resources being re-used every day.
Recycling. Saving Earth. Saving lives.

Rosie Cornelius-Light The world without recycling

Rosie Cornelius-Light (aged 13)
Swanmead Community School
2nd Prize 13-16 category