The Football Obituary

Thirty thousand men in caps
willed him spring-heeled
above the ruined February pitch

to make that header – yes,
that header
in the quarter final against City.

A single International –
an injustice
still embraced over pints in town.

A One Club man:
the brief stint in charge,
the scouting, the youth team,

the failed haulage business;
that unfortunate misunderstanding
at the North End Gate.

A statement was issued.
he was always welcome.
The minute silence.

That header. That header.

Adrian Buckner
This poem was awarded 3rd prize in the FRP Competition 2014/5


Born in London in 1962, studied English at Swansea and has lived in the Midlands since 1984. Published in magazines and has collections from Five Leaves Press (Nottingham), including “Contains Mild Peril” and “Bed Time Reading” (pamphlet) – also the forthcoming “Downshifting” in February next year 2016. Has been teaching Creative Writing and poetry at Derby and Nottingham Universities for the last decade, but has been an enthusiastic amateur cricketer for much longer!

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