John Stuart

Interview with John Stuart, by FRP Member Anthony Watts John, welcome to the Fire River Poets virtual interview room.  If you don’t mind, I’ll jump straight in with my questions … At what point in your life did you decide you were a poet? Hopes and aspirations have always been slippery things for me. I … Read more

Frances Corkey–Thompson

INTERVIEW WITH FRANCES CORKEY –THOMPSONGuest Poet for Fire River Poets in Taunton, June 3rd Interviewer: Graeme Ryan (Fire River Poets member) Firstly, thank you so much for giving this interview Frances, in advance of your much-anticipated reading for us at Fire River Poets. What is your earliest memory?I remember being on a station platform with … Read more

Will Harris

Interview with Will Harris, guest poet reading from his new collection Rendang at Fire River Poets Thurs April 2nd Creative Innovation Centre Taunton 8pm Graeme Ryan (Fire River member) Will, I loved your new collection RENDANG (published by Granta) – I read it all in one sitting and grew completely immersed in your way of looking at … Read more

Annie Fisher Interview

INTERVIEW WITH ANNIE FISHER, AUTHOR OF THE DEAL (Happenstance Press 2020) by Graeme Ryan of Fire River Poets Graeme: Thanks for doing this interview for Fire River Poets Annie. THE DEAL is such a vivid and memorable collection with your trademark flair for both observation and thought-provoking humour. These poems connect and stay in the mind. … Read more

Anthony Watts

Interview with Taunton Fire River Poet Anthony Watts, who is launching his new collection ‘Stiles’ at the Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton, on Thursday Feb 6th at 8pm. Graeme Ryan I’ve really enjoyed reading your most recent collection, Tony. Such memorable and varied work, with your gift for imagery, your trademark turns of phrase and surprise … Read more

Stephen Boyce – ‘The Blue Tree’

Interview with Stephen Boyce, guest poet at Fire River Poets, Ciccic, Taunton Nov 7th 2019. Graeme Ryan  (Fire River Poets) Firstly, Stephen, thanks very much for agreeing to take part in this ‘interview’. I’ve read ‘The Blue Tree’ this morning and have really enjoyed it. Lots of the poems stay with me and I have … Read more

Marc Woodward

Interview with Marc Woodward – Guest Poet reading at CICCIC, Taunton, 8pm  Thursday May 2nd My name is Graeme Ryan and I am one of the Fire River Poets in Taunton who are hosting your reading on May 2nd at CICCIC. I have very much enjoyed reading both ‘A Fright of Jays’ and ‘Hide Songs’, and recognise … Read more

Claire Williamson

An interview with Guest Poet by FRP Member Graeme Ryan Claire will be reading for the Fire River Poets on 4th April 2019 at the CIC in Taunton Graeme: I find ‘Visiting the Minotaur’ a fantastic collection – I’m quite blown away by a poem like ‘My Brother and Mother as Horses’ for instance, where … Read more

Maitreyabandhu: Now I Pitched in and Painted

Maitreyabandhu will be reading for the Fire River Poets on 5th September 2019 at the CIC in Taunton. Maitreyabandhu was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1990, since when he has lived and worked at the London Buddhist Centre teaching Buddhism and meditation. In 2010, he founded Poetry East, a poetry venue exploring the … Read more

Jean Sprackland

Fire River Poets Interview with Jean Sprackland,Guest Poet at Ciccic Taunton February 7th 2019 Graeme Ryan: Firstly, have just read ‘Green Noise’ your latest collection, published by Cape, and have really enjoyed it! Particularly love ‘Oak Apples’, ‘Ivy’, lots of ‘The Lost Villages’, ‘Aphid Farm’, ‘Science’, ‘Wicksteed of Kettering’ (wow, I absolutely get that poem!) and ‘Swimming … Read more