Matt Bryden


Matt is a poet and teacher living in Somerset. His first collection Boxing the Compass was published by Templar in 2013, and his work is widely published in UK journals.

He is a winner of a Literature Matters award from the Royal Society of Literature.

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Poetry Map

Matt Bryden, in co-operation with American artist and web-designer Jon Munson II, has published a pioneering online collection of poems.

Poetry Map is split into 4 ‘paths,’ each with an interactive, on-screen Google-based map showing the location of each poem’s setting or composition. These four sequences – WitnessA Discipline, Czech Film and Singles – range from a stationary carriage of the Amtrak to the arrowhead-rich soil of Blast Hill, Kintyre. Readers can navigate the paths, each grouped around a theme, by clicking below each poem. A Random option allows poems to be read out of sequence, jumping continent and context.

In addition, handwritten drafts, on-site audio recordings and even a transliteration into phonemic script (used for teaching pronunciation) provide further ‘information’ for the poems, accessible via ‘magic tickets.’

Poetry Map is an online-only experience, and hopes to combine technology with the process of engaging with poetry.

Matt’s map can be seen at